Thursday, September 25, 2014

keeping busy

I figured before September is completely over I should stop by and say hello. I can't let two months go by without posting! If you're curious what I'm up to the best way to find out is to follow my journey on instagram. I do plan on posting more here as well in the weeks ahead. Lots of things are going on and time does not slow down. As is the case with everyone's lives, we're busy. But if we don't take time to stop and look around once in a while we're gonna miss this amazing thing called life. I've been having so much fun with some new/old crafts. I've been enjoying being outside more since it has cooled down. We've had a couple of fun and busy months and it's not going to slow down so I need to be more intentional about taking it all in!

I have always loved crafts. I have always loved working with my hands...on any type of project. I love to embroider...the idea of writing with thread is so fun. I love to create things with thread that are more permanent than just pencil on paper. I have many ideas floating around in my head of things I want to embroider. This monogram family name embroidery is one that was in my head for a long time and I finally got it out. I am pleased with how they turned out but plan to do a little more practice before I am totally satisfied with them. Different letters and amounts of names bring along their own challenges. I am selling these  6inch Custom Family Monograms for $20 (plus s/h) in my etsy shop.

Since I work as the Director of Afternoons at my kids school I am there to supervise kids after school. One part of this is supervising kids in the quiet homework room. I am not one to just sit around and do nothing. So, I've put this quiet time to good use. I have started doing more hand lettering and I LOVE it. I love the whole process. I am also doing some custom family Arti-Facts and also some for babies and Weddings!! I'll post about those soon. But in the mean time here are some of my recent hand-lettering posters. Some of these can be found in my etsy shop. And I'm open for custom orders so just shoot me a message on my etsy page and I'll create something unique just for you!

Monday, August 04, 2014

baby ruth turns one

I love it so much when I am able to photograph a family or child many times. It is so fun to watch families and children change. I have been blessed with some of the best clients...and friends...and clients that turn into friends...and friends who become clients. 

Ruth is the first baby is go all the way through my Baby Blessings plan (except my own kids) since I've moved to Tennessee. I was able to document Ruth and her family while she was hanging out in her mommy's tummy. I was able to get my newborn baby fix and capture some special photos of her as a brand new member of her family. I also got to photograph her at six months old right when she started sitting up! This past week Ruth celebrated her first birthday so I was able to capture some really fun shots of her back at the place where we took the maternity/family photos. 

Ruth is such a calm and happy baby. She is the fifth child in her family so she always has action going on around her and she just eats it up, smiles, laughs and hangs out. She had lots of smiles for me during our session and loved sucking on her fingers. I think I was able to capture some photos of Ruth being Ruth. I hope you like them Liz!!!

She's coming to get me!!

Hi Ruthie!!

Love how she was just totally relaxing...such a chill baby!

I think this one is probably my favorite from the whole session!!

Sunday, August 03, 2014

forty-five years....

This past June marked 45 years of a blessed marriage. My in-laws celebrated this milestone by inviting all our families to a fun vacation week in Gatlinburg, TN. We enjoyed golf, shopping, swimming, card games, crafting, homemade dinners, hanging out, a mountain hike and just being together as a family was the best part of all. Our vacation was an incredible time filled with lots of memories and the same can be said of their marriage. Sure, their marriage has not always been filled with roses and daisies (just like any marriage) but God is faithful. Christ has always been the center of their marriage thus blessing their union with faithfulness, grace, compassion and lots of laughter. I am blessed to have these wonderful examples of faithful service to Christ, as they have served each other and their families, in my life. 

Thank you for raising children who are compassionate, faithful, good leaders and most importantly, children who know Jesus and His unfailing love. I have benefited from your Christian example of marriage in my own marriage to your son. May your days be continually blessed and here's to many many more years of marriage!!

Here are a few photos that we took to commemorate our time together!!

 There might have been a few Brewer fans in the crowd as well!!